once our eyes are opened, we cannot pretend we don't know what to do.

God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls,

knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act.

about me.

i am a beloved daughter of the Most High King, Jesus.

i'm married to mike, a youth pastor + country boy.

i'm a photographer.

you can take a peak at my work, here!

my hubby + i don't have any kids...yet.
but we have a lot of other people's kids.

(if you know what i mean)

#kidsmin #studentmin for life!

we like to swing dance.

he totally taught me everything i know!

oh! you should check out ps220.
(that's the student ministry my hubby works with)

if i wasn't married, i'd most likely be a cat lady.

this is princess sophie marie cupcake, the fairest of them all.
isn't she lovely?

but i am married...so let me tell you about mike.
he's a mountain man!  from wyoming. roar!

he introduced me to mountains. like reeealllll mountains that laugh at the mountains here on the east coast.

mike has an amazing heart for students.

and not just for students.
for student to be leaders.
for students to become the men + women God called them to be.
he works in (what i personally think) the dirtiest, toughest, scariest type of ministry there is.
(no offense!)

i LOVE teenagers! 
(and mustaches btw)

in fact, i mentor quite a few (teenagers, not mustaches) + love them to itty bitty pieces!
but they are crazzzzzzzzy and keep me on my toes!
what i'm saying is my husband IS THE MANNNNNN!

he likes to fix things.
and i think it's cool that he sometimes smells like gasoline.
he plays the guitar.

and i play halo with him.
i'm quite good!
he has a beard which i have a love/hate relationship with.
he puts up with my crazy antique/dumpster dive/garage sale adventures.
and he finds my goofiness endearing. (thank goodness!)

i can't do any of this without him.

oh! and this is winny:

okay, i'll give you a minute to just gush at 
her overwhelming puppy beauty...

she is, for real, the best.dog.ever.ever.ever.
she's serves the homeless with our church and totally has her own facebook.  she gets more friend requests than i do. 
what's up with that?

i really, really like tea.  no, seriously, i REALLY like tea.
yum.  go make a cup.  now!

you probably have noticed my affinity for superlatives.
it's not that i'm arrogant.
(actually, i'm quite shy + unsure!)
it's that i'm loyal to a fault
and i take a lot of pride in what i love.
let's be friends. 
i'm promise i'll be one of your 
biggest cheerleaders. (biggest ever? PERHAPS!)

and another quirk, 
i need to know everything about everyone.
it's not that i'm nosey.
i just want to know your deal.  
what makes you tick.
(i really like pirates of the caribbean)

this is my mom.  ain't she purdy?

she would, for real, every single night,
say "goodnight sweetpeas" on facebook.  
my point?  
this woman was GOLD.  
she was one of those moms that all your friends 
liked and one of those moms that would do 
anythinggggggggggggg for 
anyoneeeeeeeeeee at 
she was funny, awesome and smelled really good, too.

she was 51.
yeah, it sucks.  a lot.
i like to think that an angel just walked into the room, told her it was time to go Home and took her hand 
before her heart gave out.
who knows.
she's my best friend. ever.ever.ever.
i really miss her.
you ever have that feeling where the stinging 
in your chest is so intense that you can't breathe in?
that's how i feel sometimes.
but i'm okay.  i really am.
i'm thankful that she was my mom.
even if it only was for a little while...
i'm thankful she's in the arms of her Savior.
i'm thankful that we'll be together again in Heaven.

the rest of my family is pretty fab, too.

i love my dad.

my siblings are probably cooler than yours.

(^my babiest bro, PJ)
(^my older bro, randy)
(^christmas pajamas!)

i'm just crazy about all of them.
(^best photo booth pics ever? i think so.)

other random facts:
i like rainbows.
and unicorns.
i like french onion soup. yummmm.
i really like to sleep. a lot.
and i'm always tired.

(yeah those are kittens on my shirt)

i babble. obviously.
i like to sing.
i collect teapots + vintage cameras.

i have a sweet tattoo:

hephzibah = "my delight is in her"
it's from isaiah 62:4
(you'll just have to crack open your Bible 
+ read it for yourself!)

my favorite author is vonnegut. please don't judge me.

i think i'm an old lady in a 27 year old's body.
i hug everyone. no, really, everyyyyyoneeeeeee!

again, i like kids.

i like to travel.
i don't like the way newspaper feels.
mayo freaks me out.
i'm scared of the dark. (we sleep with the TV on)
oh! i'm still sad that LOST is over.
i like to dye my hair. often.
i really like shoes.
my favorite word is "minimum". (just say it)

i've think we've come to it.

Sooo why "a heart called crazy"?
because i'm head over heels, crazy in love 
with Jesus Christ who gave up His life 
for me over 2,000 years ago.
because i'm really not interested 
in the "american dream" anymore.  
as switchfoot so profoundly says 
"i want to live + die to bigger things".
because i ache for africa.
i ache for orphans.
because of Micah 6:8.
because of Psalm 82:3.
because of James 1:27.


in january 2011, i was blessed to serve in ghana, africa.  
it was unreal.  
a lot of things happened in my heart.  
good, glorious things happened.
after a week of red dirt, 
mud houses and dark skinned children 
i was changed.
i came home and refused to talk about it 
because the experience was so precious.
kinda like a secret that i wanted to 
keep locked up in my heart forever.

i love africa.

^these precious little hands belong to charlie.
he took to me the second day of our trip 
and was at my side every minute i was in the village.  
i ache for him sometimes.  
he is the sweetest.  
he didn't speak one word to me the entire week 
 as our van pulled away for the last time, 
i cried the whole trip home.  

because God loves africa.
and so do i.